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The Elephant Hill Hike gauges our fitness level as we finish the first quarter of 2021. It should be a more challenging hike with expected adverse weather conditions but all in all should be fun seeing what we have achieved over our never ending fitness journey and lifestyle.

  • Date: 03/20/2021 06:00
  • Location Aberdare National Park (Map)


The Elephant Hill on the southern end of the Aberdares Ranges, about 90km north of Nairobi, is an ideal location for a day hike especially if you’re preparing for the more challenging Mt Kenya or Mt Kilimanjaro climbs. The Aberdares Ranges are situated west of Mt Kenya in the central highlands between Nyeri and Naivasha, and stretch 70km long from North to South. They are the water catchment area feeding two of the largest dams supplying over 95% of Nairobi’s water needs, i.e. Ndakaini Dam in the Thika region and Sasumua Dam near Njabini town. After enjoying at the top of the hill and conquering the challenge, we will embark on our journey back to Nairobi expected time of arrival is 1800hrs local time. Meeting point The Hub - Karen @ 5:45 Am and leave @ 6:00 Am